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Trying out my new flower headband! Isn’t it cute??

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So are you taking requests? If so can you do Armin Arlert in 8

Yes I am!! But sadly right now my tablet is dead (o;TωT)o I’ll make sure to draw him as soon as I can though!! I hope you don’t mind ಥ_ಥ

For a friend that needs cheering up

~~Graphite drawing of my Cavalier King Charles~~

My little blanket hogger…

There’s some days when I draw…This

And then there are days like this………….

A very old drawing I still enjoy, here’s a happy little Sollux grub for your dash


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A victorious Khajiit and his catch >:o

Sketchbook stuff, need to make up for lost days

A victorious Khajiit and his catch >:o

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My tablet is broken help I think I’m going to die

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Saika is a new OC I’ll be roleplaying with on Nekonin@kik! Might even give me something to do this summer…


NAME: Saika Saku

GENDER: Female

SPECIES: Turkish Angora Neko


Weapons: Blades of all sorts, claw-like shoe knives, in disparity fangs and fail seduction 

PERSONALITY: Cautious, calm, and mature to strangers, when acquainted with very energetic and curious, tsundre-like.

APPEARANCE: Thigh high silvery hair with ears and a long haired tail that trails behind her. Stunning violet eyes and tan skin with various scars. Prefers practical clothing with several pockets for storing weapons, but will dress in anything to disguise herself for an assassination.

LIKES: Weapons, fish, sushi, catnip, being petted

DISLIKES: Dogs, guns, rain, flip flops

BIO: Adopted as a young kit from a stray shelter by her wealthy, mysterious master, trained well and very loyal. By instinct she obeys the orders given to her through a walkie talkie she never puts down, she has killed many casually, but she enjoys a risk and rebelling every now and then. As a cat she naturally gets distracted and plays with her prey, a solitary assassin.